2017 WWDC Student Scholarship →

Apple Developer Relations:

If you are a student and do any iOS development, you should do yourself a favor and apply for the 2017 WWDC Student Scholarship. I was fortunate enough to be able to attend WWDC on scholarship in both 2011 and 2012 and I cannot stress how beneficial it was for my career as an iOS engineer.

While Apple has done a great job making the content of the presentations available to developers who are not in attendance quickly (and more recently, instanlty), watching videos of presentations is no substitute for actually being there.

Being able to hang out and talk with other attendees1 and Apple engineers as well as go to labs to have engineers look at your code or talk through your problems is incredibly helpful, especially as a beginner.

The student scholarship has improved quite a bit since the time I was able to use it. Attendees last year got to spend time with Tim Cook and got early entrance and special seating for the keynote. For the first time this year, Apple is also fronting the cost of lodging for attendees for the week2.

This is a great opportunity that can really jump start your career and I cannot recommend applying for it enough.

  1. I have people that I have been friends with for the last six years that I randomly met standing in line for sessions at WWDC. I really think that networking with people in the Apple development ecosystem is the best reason to attend. 
  2. They are also helping with travel assistance on an as-needed basis this year.