Meet Paul George, Destroyer of Worlds →

Dan Devine for The Ringer:

This season, George is combining usage and offensive efficiency to a degree matched only by some of the best offensive players ever-and, wonderfully, 2011 Kevin Martin-and establishing himself as a Defensive Player of the Year candidate. Giannis Antetokounmpo is on the best team in the Eastern Conference and putting up numbers we haven’t seen since Peak Kareem. James Harden is authoring the seventh-highest-scoring season in NBA history while pairing scoring and playmaking efficiency at unprecedented levels to carry a wounded, limited team into a fight for home-court advantage in the West. Their MVP bona fides seem unassailable. And yet, here stands George, assailing them.

PG has been so much fun to watch this year. OKC fans are spoiled to get to watch him and Russ play together every night.

Why Forecasts Are So Accurate Now →

Robinson Meyer for The Atlantic:

Meteorologists have never gotten a shiny magazine cover or a brooding Aaron Sorkin film, and the weather-research hub of Norman, Oklahoma, is rarely mentioned in the same breath as Palo Alto. But over the past few decades, scientists have gotten significantly—even staggeringly—better at predicting the weather.

When working on a side project in my spare time, I have to take risks that I would not normally consider. Today’s example is eating a biscuit on the same desk as my MacBook Pro with a butterfly keyboard.

I need some help with app names.

I’m working on 2 apps, a strength training / weight lifting app and a food tracking app for iPhone and Apple Watch.

I prefer the names fit together, but that’s not a requirement. Only requirement is they be available without subtitles.


I got rid of my second monitor at work because open space and photos of my family are better to look at than email and Twitter. (16/365)

Three for Three? 👀 →

(Former) Alabama Quarterback Jalen Hurts on The Players’ Tribune:

Now, I’m an alumnus of the University of Alabama.

Now I’m Bama for LIFE — and that right there will never change!

But now it’s also time for me to start a new chapter in my story.

I’ve decided to take my talents to the University of Oklahoma, where I will continue my development as both a quarterback and as a student.

I’m very fortunate to have this opportunity, and I’m excited for the journey ahead.

So to my about-to-be family in Norman, I truly appreciate you for bringing me on board. Y’all don’t know me yet……… but just for now, to introduce myself: I’m a motivated coach’s son from the Eastside of Houston, and I love to play ball.

This fit could not be any more perfect for Oklahoma. Coming off of two Heisman trophy winning transfer quarterbacks, we land another potential one. With Spencer Rattler expected to redshirt this year, we had a big need for the QB position this year. Jalen is the perfect fit.

Watching him lead that comeback in the SEC Championship was a great redemption story, but watching him beat Alabama in the playoffs after grabbing another trophy in NYC would be an even better one.

We already know he looks good in crimson, but it will look even better with a little cream mixed in.

The Many Stages of Russell Westbrook Fandom →

Brian Phillips for The Ringer:

Being a Russell Westbrook fan is the emotional equivalent of playing basketball like Russell Westbrook—it’s spectacularly difficult, it takes willpower and imagination, it hurts, and if you’re not actually doing it, you probably can’t understand why anyone would try. When you are doing it, though, it seems to … not make sense, exactly, but reflect a kind of higher logic, detached from the utilitarian logic of the game. Westbrook is one of the most frustrating players in the NBA, and quite possibly one of the most frustrating human beings in the universe, but for the true Westbrook fan, his shortcomings are merely the obstacles against which our greatness must test itself—the 10-foot rims and help defenses of the spirit.

This is such a great read. I can’t think of any other player at Russ’s level whose play is as controversial as his.

Resources for Habit Building

Since my post on what habits I want to focus on in 2019, I have seen a bunch of other resources on how to make meaningful change in your life by structuring that change around habits instead of goals. I figured that I would share a few of them here for people that are interested.



  • Focused on David Sparks and Mike Schmitz recently transitioned (and renamed) their podcast about working for themselves to being about focus and productivity. In the first episode, they talked about the Atomic Habits book mentioned above.


  • Clear Habit Journal: Shawn Blanc’s review of this notebook is what got me stared made me think about restructuring how I approach my habits this year in the first place. This notebook is a collaboration between Baron Fig, who are known for making great notebooks, and James Clear, the author of Atomic Habits. The notebook is designed to help you execute the ideas from the book. I have ordered one and should get it soon.


  • Streaks: No list of resources about habits would be complete without mentioning Streaks, which is my favorite habit tracking app on the iPhone.
  • Capsicum: This is a new app that combines habit tracking, note taking, scheduling, and todo lists into a single app. I will be using the Clear Habit Journal for this type of stuff myself, but Capsicum looks like a great choice if you prefer to keep everything digital.

Blog Posts

  • A Weekly Review for Your Goals by Issac Smith: Issac talks about how having a weekly review is essential for making sure goals don’t get lost or forgotten.
  • Hybrid Productivity Method by Shawn Blanc: This post talks about how to combine using an physical notebook and a digital app to plan your days.

If you are trying to make some changes to your life in 2019, hopefully there is something in their list that can help you out.

“Do you want vegetable stir fry or stir fry with ground beef in it?”
– the dumbest question my wife has ever asked me.

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