Hi, I am am Ross. I am an iOS and Mac developer/meteorologist from Norman, Oklahoma. I write about things like software development, Apple, apps, Jesus, music, & beer.

For my day job, I make apps like RadarScope and Weather Radio for Weather Decision Technologies. I live in Norman, Oklahoma with my wife, two sons, and my dog.

At night, I work on Workshelf, StickerBook, and some other unannounced projects.

I make pour over coffee every morning. I grill over charcoal. I drive a 1986 Ford Bronco.

You can find me around the Internet on

This site is built using WordPress and is hosted on Pressable. All of the coding was done using Panic’s great Coda app (iOS | macOS).

All of the writing is done in Ulysses (iOS | macOS), in or in MarsEdit. Photos are posted through Sunlit or Workflow.