Blue Tiger by Ten One Design

Ten One Design recently introduced Blue Tiger (1), a stylus for the upcoming iPad 3. The reason that it is being marketed for the iPad 3 instead of the current iPad is because of the assumption that the iPad 3 will have Bluetooth 4 (2).

It will use Bluetooth 4 to provide a low power pressure sensitivity so developers can automatically adjust the line width of the line based on how hard the user presses (just like pen & paper). I have heard people mention this as a nice solution to drawing on the iPad before, but it always seemed clunky before Bluetooth 4 (3).

This is not the first time that Ten One Design has tried to bring pressure sensitive drawing and writing to the iPad. They built a framework in 2010 that did the same things using a private API that determined the size of the touch on the screen. Since Apple never opened up these APIs for App Store use, Ten One Design took it into their own hands. Good for them.

I just wish the tip of the stylus was thinner.

(via MacStories)

  1. Blue Tiger is a code name. Presumably it will ship with some form of the name Pogo like Ten One Design’s other stylus. ↩

  2. Also known as Bluetooth Smart ↩

  3. Bluetooth 4 uses far less power than than previous iterations of Bluetooth. Battery life can be measured in days or even weeks. Also, the iPad and the stylus would not need to be paired like they would with traditional Bluetooth. ↩