Frontier Journal

My friend Issac just launched a new online magazine called Frontier Journal.

In his words:

When I set out to create an online magazine the convincing factor was this; to ponder, think, and write about beauty. And, to invite others to do the same. Frontier Journal is a collection of creative works that invokes thoughtfulness and invites us to reflect on beauty. Shared by the stories of everyday people. May you be refreshed and inspired here.

The first issue was a mix of everyday adventure, life with family, and faith and Jesus. It reminds me of Chris Bowler’s Weekly Review in all the best ways1.

My favorite article in the first issue was one that Issac wrote himself – My Need for Adventure. The entire thing is free, so I’d encourage you to check it out. It would make for some great weekend reading.

If you like what you read, he has a Patreon set up to support the project.

  1. I wrote more about The Weekly Review here