The Weekly Review

Chris Bowler recently returned from a break to continue writing his weekly newsletter, The Weekly Review.

He describes it on his sign up page better than I can:

What’s in this digital ball of goodness? It features at least one full length article from yours truly, along with various choice links to content I’ve enjoyed, my fave tweets of the week, plus a review or two (software, books, beer & coffee). Witty commentary included. It’s a value added newsletter, see?

What do I read and write about? Things that I hope will make me a better person, better at what I do with my time. Creativity, faith, and making the most of the gifts I’ve been given. How to be disciplined, how to grow in Christ. If those types of things are of interest to you, I think we’ll get on just fine!

His newsletter has been my favorite thing to read on the internet each week since I subscribed a year ago. He recently took a few weeks off to refocus, and it has been even better since the break.

The weekly article used to mainly focus on work productivity, but he now shares ways to grow more into a deeper relationship with Christ in today’s new digital world.

Most of my online reading centers around people complaining about Apple, so having a weekly break to read about something that actually matters on the internet is both helpful and refreshing.

In addition to the main article, the links and (especially) the tweets that he shares are always worth a read.

The last section that is included every week is a review of something. More times than not, this is a review of either coffee or craft beer. Since he is in Canada, the drinks he talks about are usually not available to me here in Oklahoma; as someone who enjoys good coffee and beer a bit too much, I do enjoy reading about someone else’s experience with them.

The topics that Chris covers in The Weekly Review align closely with my interests, but it is the quality of his writing that keeps me reading every week. You should go sign up here and give it a shot. I don’t think you will be disappointed.