What’s New in StickerBook


New Features

  • You can edit Stickers after creating them.

  • Support for new iPhones.


  • Performance improvements when adding or editing a Sticker.


Welcome to the first major update to StickerBook! Version 1.1 is all about making your Stickers available in apps outside of Messages.

New Features:

  • Tapping on a Sticker in the main iOS app now opens the standard iOS share sheet so you can import that sticker in another app or copy it to your clipboard.
  • Added two Today Widgets – one for copying your top Stickers to your clipboard and one for quickly creating new Stickers.
  • Added 3D Touch quick actions for quickly creating new Stickers.
  • Added URL scheme for adding stickers. To add stickers, simply use stickerbook://add?source= where source can be camera, photoLibrary, icloudDrive, or clipboard.
  • Added keyboard shortcuts for for adding Stickers in the main iOS app.


  • Renamed the Document Provider source to iCloud Drive. It still behaves the same.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed crash when trying to add a new Sticker from your camera when the camera was unavailable.


This update is all about making the process of adding new Stickers better. Enjoy!

New Features

  • You can now add Stickers from the system clipboard (copy and paste).
  • You can now rotate the image on the Add Sticker page.


  • You have more control when placing the image inside a Sticker on the Add Sticker page.
  • The Add Sticker page now has a reset button to reposition the image back to its initial placement.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where the wrong sticker could be deleted when deleting multiple stickers in a row (sorry about that!).
  • The StickerBook Action Extension now only shows up in the Action Sheet of others apps when an image is available.
  • The StickerBook Action Extension cancel button is always visible.


New Features

  • You can now rearrange and delete stickers from the iMessage app.


  • The app display name is now StickerBook (was previously Sticker Book).
  • The Help page now has sharing links and release notes (accessed through the iOS app).

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a crash in the iMessage app when collapsing to the compact view.


Turn any image into a Sticker to share with your friends on iMessage. Choose a stencil shape for your sticker for extra fun. Stickers are saved on your Library in three sizes so you can reuse them later.

StickerBook can turn any image from your camera, photo library, or iCloud Drive into a Stickers right from iMessage.

You can also add Stickers from any app that supports sharing images from the share sheet.