Three for Three? 👀 →

(Former) Alabama Quarterback Jalen Hurts on The Players’ Tribune:

Now, I’m an alumnus of the University of Alabama.

Now I’m Bama for LIFE — and that right there will never change!

But now it’s also time for me to start a new chapter in my story.

I’ve decided to take my talents to the University of Oklahoma, where I will continue my development as both a quarterback and as a student.

I’m very fortunate to have this opportunity, and I’m excited for the journey ahead.

So to my about-to-be family in Norman, I truly appreciate you for bringing me on board. Y’all don’t know me yet……… but just for now, to introduce myself: I’m a motivated coach’s son from the Eastside of Houston, and I love to play ball.

This fit could not be any more perfect for Oklahoma. Coming off of two Heisman trophy winning transfer quarterbacks, we land another potential one. With Spencer Rattler expected to redshirt this year, we had a big need for the QB position this year. Jalen is the perfect fit.

Watching him lead that comeback in the SEC Championship was a great redemption story, but watching him beat Alabama in the playoffs after grabbing another trophy in NYC would be an even better one.

We already know he looks good in crimson, but it will look even better with a little cream mixed in.