Language Server Protocol for Swift →

Matt Thompson on NSHipster:

Last month, Apple announced on the forums that it was starting work to adopt the Language Server Protocol (LSP) for Swift and C languages.

At Apple we are making it a priority to support high-quality tooling for all Swift developers, including those working on non-Apple platforms. We want to collaborate with the open-source community and focus our efforts on building common infrastructure that can be shared by Xcode and other editors and platforms. To that end, [ … ] we’ve chosen to adopt LSP.
– Argyrios Kyrtzidis, October 15th, 2018

This is arguably the most important decision Apple has made for Swift since releasing the language as open source in 2014. It’s a big deal for app developers, and it’s an even bigger deal for Swift developers on other platforms.

I don’t see this having a big effect on what developer tools I use, but I am still really excited about it. Having Swift working well on editors other than Xcode is necessary for it to be used in places other than native apps on Apple platforms. I’m hoping that this (along with the stuff the Server Work Group is working on) can be a catalyst to make Swift on the server a more common and accepted thing.