From LA to OKC →

Richard Janes on his family’s decision to pack up and move from LA to OKC:

Within just three months we’ve discovered a new city, bought a house, and begun the move halfway across the country to Oklahoma City.

It’s pretty darn exciting and goes to show how anything can happen.

We had no intention of moving to this part of the country. NONE.

And yet here we are. Closing on a house and making the 1800 mile trek to the dead center of America.

So why are we making this move?

The best answer I can give is: why not?

This is a cool story of a family just going for it. My wife and I went back and forth for two years before making the decision that we wanted to make the (comparatively) easy move from Norman to Oklahoma City. I sometimes wish I were the type of person that could make a big move like this on a whim.