The Oklahoma Gazette Covers Urban OKC Churches →

The Oklahoma Gazette’s latest cover story detail how local churches have been a big part of the recent revitalization of many Oklahoma City neighborhoods.

OKC Community Church, where my family and I attend, was featured in the story. This quote from our pastor really really encapsulates what drew us to this church and area that it is in.

Tim Mannin:

Communities and neighborhoods have all sorts of contributors to their fabric. In this case, you have a lot. You have education with [Oklahoma City University] and government down the street. You’ve got arts and entertainment. You’ve got business with an element of food. There are a lot of cultures. We felt like the one that was deficient was the church. We were the missing the voice.

These churches are important because they are not just trying to be in these areas; they are trying to be part of them. I have seen this first hand with OKC Community and 23rd street. Is is encouraging to know that other churches are doing similar things in other areas across the city.