The Studio Neat Mark One Pen →

The guys over at Studio Neat just launched a Kickstarter for their newest product, a pen.

This is Mark One, in a nutshell:

  • Minimal design. No superfluous details, not even a visible logo. Clean, simple, elegant, and it comes in two colors. 
  • Durable. The entire pen is made out of metal, and coated with a robust ceramic polymer coating, which gives the pen a great feel in the hand. 
  • Retractable. We wanted a click pen for our favorite refill, and we went to great lengths—including a custom mechanism—to make it happen. Satisfying as heck to click. 

This whole journey started when we discovered a fantastic refill, beloved in the pen world: the Schmidt P8126 rollerball. It quickly became our favorite, so we thought, “we should make a great pen for this refill.” So that’s what we did.

This will go great with my Panobook. I backed the $100 tier to get both colors immediately.