Streaks Workout 3.0.1 →

I wouldn’t normally link to a bug fix app release, but I am pretty excited about this one.

Streaks Workout is easily my favorite workout app on iOS/watchOS. The way it works is your tell it how long you have to workout (either 6, 12, 18, or 30 minutes) and it will give you a workout consisting of 6 random exercises that you can do at home with no equipment. This app has been a huge part of me hitting 100 straight days of working out.

It is the only workout app I have found that lets me manage my whole workout entirely from the Apple Watch: I can start the workout on the watch, it tells me what exercises to do on the watch, and then it records to HealthKit from the watch. The only thing I have ever done on the iPhone version is pick what exercises it is allowed to pick from for my workouts.

Even though it was my favorite, I had quit using it because it was not doing a great job of reporting my calories burned to HealthKit. For example, the recorded workout from the app would say I burned 300 calories, but it would only add 200 or so to HealthKit. This was annoying when I was trying to hit my daily Move goal, so recently I had just been using the standard Apple Watch Workout app.

Yesterday’s update appears to fix that issue. I did a workout with it last night and this morning and all the data was added to my Move ring just like it was supposed to. I will still use the built-in app in certain scenarios, but Streaks Workout is back to being my primary app for my daily workouts.

You can pick it up on the App Store.