WatchKit is a sweet solution that will only ever give us baby apps →

Marco Arment on WatchKit:

WatchKit needs to be discontinued and replaced.

No focus on quality or expansion of WatchKit will fix this. There are only two ways to meaningfully improve Watch apps, spur third-party innovation, and unlock the true potential of the Apple Watch.

One solution is for Apple to reimplement all of its own Watch apps with WatchKit instead of their internal frameworks, which will force them to fix WatchKit’s many bugs and dramatically expand it.

The much better solution, and the one I hope they take, is for Apple to expose its real watchOS UI and media frameworks to third-party developers, as it has done on iOS.

As someone who has been doing a ton of watchOS work the last few months, I agree with every word of this. My biggest wishes are for ways to download files without going through the Bluetooth connection to the phone and to have real access to underlying graphics technologies like OpenGL or Metal.