The Crossway ESV Heirloom Single Column Legacy Bible →

Josh Ginter on the Crossway ESV Heirloom Single Column Legacy Bible:

Yet, there’s something special about owning a Bible with such high quality. If there was ever a way for the words inside to make a tangible appearance, it would be through the precision and care found in the making of the Heirloom Legacy.
This Bible is an heirloom. The Bible is a legacy.
It kind of fits, if you ask me.

Well, I was not in the market for a $275 Bible before reading this, but I think that I am now. I really like the single column layout.

Of course, there’s no sense lusting after a Bible when the material inside the book is what matters. You don’t have to break the bank for the message inside to take root in your life.

As he eloquently put here, not having this particular beautiful Bible does not have to stop the beautiful material inside it to work in me.