Apple Developing Wireless Over-Ear Headphones →

KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo is reporting that Apple is developing a W1-powered pair of over-ear headphones. I really want them to make this product.

Before AirPods, I listened to all of my audio at work of a pair of Beats Pros. I love how they sound1, but I can’t beat the convenience of AirPods.

For me, the perfect over-ear headphones would be a pair of the Beats Pro with an Apple W-series chip. This sounds similar to the Studio3 that they already sell, but the Pro is a much better than the Studio series.

The Pro has:
A metal frame. The plastic frame on the Studio is known for breaking. Not cracking, but actually snapping in half.
Better Sound. Like most Beats products, the Pro is pretty heavy on the bass, but they sound way better than the Studio.
Noise Isolation. The Pro has really thick padding and it does a great job of keeping my music from getting out and keeping other sounds from getting in. This is great in an open office.

If they took the Beats Pro and put in a battery, a W1 chip, and slapped on an Apple logo, I would buy them on day one.

Bonus points if they put in a microphone for Hey Siri, and a way to play/pause and adjust volume from the unit. Way more bonus points if they allow you to use it with a standard headphone jack, Lightning, and UBC-C in addition to the standard Bluetooth2.

  1. Don’t @ me. 
  2. No way this happens though.