Why I Bought an iMac Pro →

Stephen Hackett on switching from a 27” iMac to an iMac Pro:

That did the traditional iMac in for me. I felt as if I couldn’t trust the machine to stay quiet when I was recording podcasts or shooting video in my small studio. I needed a computer that would only be loud when I pushed the CPU; the 2017 would spin its fan up with no obvious reason. I found myself popping into Activity Monitor to find some system process using 50% of the CPU, making the fan spin up.

So at the very end of the year, I returned my 2017 iMac and walked out of my local Apple Store with the standard configuration iMac Pro. At $4,999, it is the most expensive computer I have ever owned by a healthy margin, but in the week or so I’ve had it, I have been very happy with my purchase.

Is not having my computer fan wake up a newborn while using Xcode a proper justification for dropping $5,000 on a new computer? Asking for a friend. If not, I may have to start a podcast.