Start your days right with a consistent shutdown routine →

Chris Bowler on The Sweet Setup:

It may sound backwards, but the key to starting your days off right is to finish them well. When you take the time to clear your mind — and your inboxes — it makes it so much easier to start your day with clarity. You’ll be off and running and working on the things that matter most to you with far less effort and friction.

I talked about doing this a little in my post about my ideal morning routine. Since I have been off work the last couple of weeks, I have been a little lazy about getting things ready the night before. My mornings has suffered because of it1.

Luckily I can make up for it during the day now, but I need to get back in my normal routine before I go back to work and lost all of that time during the day.

  1. Well because of that and also because I have been getting up to help take care of a newborn in the middle of the night.