Seek First

Kaleb Kinney had a great New Years themed sermon at church yesterday. The main takeaway is that you should try to achieve all of the goals that you made for yourself in the new year, but that you should commit to knowing God first.

To illustrate this, he talked about the story of Joseph in Genesis. Joseph was committed to knowing God, and he excelled through horrible situations because of that.

You can listen to the message on the church podcast feed (or listen in Overcast).

One of the practical examples that Kaleb gave on what we could do to know God better in 2018 was to read the entire Bible in a year. If you read every day, it comes out to about 3 chapters a day.

As I briefly mentioned in my Streaks review, I had recently got back into the habit of reading a chapter of the Bible every day1. Bumping that up to around 3 a day would not be much more time in any particular day, but it would make a huge impact over a year.

So I moved YouVersion to my first iPhone home screen 2 and found a chronological Bible-in-a-year reading plan and got started this morning3.

I am putting this all on here to give myself some accountability. If I tell people that I have a goal to do it, I am less likely to skip days when Iā€™m not really feeling like doing it.

The other reason Iā€™m putting it here is to encourage you to do something similar. Find a Bible reading plan and commit to doing it. Start this one with me today and we can keep each other accountable.

Spend 2018 achieving all of the goals you have set out for yourself. But before that, spend 2018 seeking first the kingdom of God.

  1. Current streak is 16 days šŸŽ‰ 
  2. In place of NeuBible
  3. As a bonus, it is a six days per week plan so I have a buffer day every week.