Reading for Growth

I did a lot of reading last year, but it was pretty much just fiction (well, pretty much just Star Wars). While this was a better use of my time than watching TV, it was not better by much.

I still plan on reading fiction books this year, but I am going to mix in some books that will help me grow as a person and that will help my walk with Christ. My plan is to alternate between fiction and growth. I am letting fiction books be my reward for the growth ones.

I started reading Love Does by Bob Goff yesterday and it has been great so far. Deep Work by Cal Newport is also on the list.

As far as fiction books, I have two on the list for the year that I am really looking forward to:

  • Andy Weir, the author of The Martian, recently released Artemis, a book about a heist on the moon in the near future. This will be the next book I read after Love Does.
  • On June 26th, Timothy Zahn will release Thrawn: Alliances. This is the sequel to Zahn’s first new-canon Thrawn book that came out last year, which was one my favorite books that I read in 2017.