It Does Not Get Any Better Than This, Part Two

Around this time last year, I wrote about how at each new milestone, I could not imagine parenting getting any better than it was right then. And then it did.

As we came up on Ollie turning two years old, I started thinking about my favorite parenting milestones from the last year.

Some of my it does not get any better than this moments from the last year:

  • Stopping whatever he is doing and pointing at the sky and yelling “plane!” every time he hears a noise from above.
  • Waking me up in the morning and immediately asking either for a waffle or for an episode of Daniel Tiger on the iPad.
  • Giving me a big hug around my neck and saying “I love you, Daddy” every morning when I drop him off at daycare.
  • Pointing at the lawnmower in the garage and calling it “Daddy’s vacuum”.
  • Running around the house and showing everyone who will listen the puppies on the front of his PJs.

Next year, we are going to get to add a new one to the list. Next year, it is going to be really hard to beat “Watching Oliver grow into being a big brother”.

Carissa and I are excited to announce that baby #2 will be joining the family in January.

My favorite parenting moment in the last few weeks has been asking Ollie if he wants a little brother or sister and listening to him reply sister every time.

Big Brother