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Shaun Inman:

It is cool when you find smart and creative people on the internet that are going through similar life circumstances as you are. Seeing things that they come up with to handle to certain situations of their lives can give you ideas that you can incorporate into your own life.

Like me, Shaun Inman currently has a young child.

A couple month ago Lincoln surprised us while reading to him by repeating back the word excavator. That’s a big word compared to his daily vocabulary (at the time) of mama, dada, and (ba)nana. It got me thinking. We have lots of books about construction vehicles but how often really is he going to find himself on a construction site? He spends time daily in our family room, if we’re going multisyllabic, let’s break out the Nintendos and the PlayStations!

He made his son Lincoln a custom wood book full of high quality pictures of some of his favorite game consoles. What a great idea.

Another cool parenting thing that he did was create Little Fingers, a macOS app that will disable all keyboard and trackpad input with a key command. It is perfect for when you are working on your Mac and a little toddle wants to climb up in your lap and mash his fingers on the keyboard.