RadarScope 3.4

We have been working on this for about a year.

Mike Wolfinbarger:

Today we’re excited to launch a new premium subscription tier to RadarScope. Our original RadarScope Pro subscription is now called RadarScope Pro Tier 1. Nothing in Tier 1 or the base app has changed. You still have access to all the features you had before, including super-resolution radar products, lightning data, and multi-pane display.

Tier 2 provides new features that we’ve long wanted to add, but couldn’t at our existing price points. RadarScope Pro Tier 2 includes all the features of Tier 1 combined with three new features: a 30-day archive of all radar products, hail size and shear contours over a 24-hour period, and the ability to pay once and use your RadarScope Pro subscription across iOS, macOS, and Android platforms.

Tier 2 can be purchased for $15/month or $100/year. Pick it up for iOS, macOS, or Android.