Who Can Be A Dancer?

Tiffany Arment:

How do I responsibly raise a young white boy in today’s world of dangerously heightened white supremacy? How do I teach him to be self-confident and empowered by his choices, but still show him he isn’t the center of the universe, without creating a core of self-doubt?

I want him to learn equality, not entitlement; understanding, not overconfidence.

This is something I have been thinking about a lot recently in regards to raising my son. I may be crazy for thinking this, but I am really excited about that part of parenting.

Teaching a young boy who does not have any prior prejudices about the equality of all people seems like a lot of fun to me.

My favorite part of her post was that she said it has to start with her and husband. They can teach him by simply modeling that belief if their daily lives.