Is the iPhone 6s Plus Waterproof?

tl;dr — nope.

Welp. I got into my neighborhood pool for about 5 minutes yesterday with my iPhone still in my pocket. Once I noticed, I dried it off and shook as much water out of it as I could. When we got home I sat it in a tub of rice to sit overnight1. I would have preferred to let it sit longer, but I had to know soon if it was going to work or not since I am leaving for WWDC in the morning.

I had some hope that I would be able to get it working after watching this video of an iPhone 6s and a Plus that still worked after being submerged for 20 minutes. But for me at least, it turns out that the claims that the iPhone 6s line is more water resistant does not really hold water2. It looks like I will be dropping $330 on a replacement from the Apple Store tonight.

The worst part is that I had just taken what was probably my favorite picture of Oliver a few minutes before and that picture had not been uploaded to iCloud yet.

  1. It turns out that rice does not actually help, but I kept it in there because it was not going to hurt anything. 
  2. Ha.