Meet Paul George, Destroyer of Worlds →

Dan Devine for The Ringer:

This season, George is combining usage and offensive efficiency to a degree matched only by some of the best offensive players ever-and, wonderfully, 2011 Kevin Martin-and establishing himself as a Defensive Player of the Year candidate. Giannis Antetokounmpo is on the best team in the Eastern Conference and putting up numbers we haven’t seen since Peak Kareem. James Harden is authoring the seventh-highest-scoring season in NBA history while pairing scoring and playmaking efficiency at unprecedented levels to carry a wounded, limited team into a fight for home-court advantage in the West. Their MVP bona fides seem unassailable. And yet, here stands George, assailing them.

PG has been so much fun to watch this year. OKC fans are spoiled to get to watch him and Russ play together every night.

Why Forecasts Are So Accurate Now →

Robinson Meyer for The Atlantic:

Meteorologists have never gotten a shiny magazine cover or a brooding Aaron Sorkin film, and the weather-research hub of Norman, Oklahoma, is rarely mentioned in the same breath as Palo Alto. But over the past few decades, scientists have gotten significantly—even staggeringly—better at predicting the weather.