I am ready for Oklahoma to make national news for a good story. Today is not that day. Hopefully the government will listen to the teachers quickly.

The worst part about updating Swift versions is not the syntax changes. It is having to change valid code that is all of the sudden “too complex to be solved in a reasonable time”.

One of my favorite touches in iOS 11.3 is what happens when you tap the Artist/Album button on the Music’s Now Playing screen. Before it would just take you to the album for the song. Now, it gives the option for the artist, album, or playlist (if you are playing from one).

Apple’s Education Strategy →

As I followed along with Apple’s education event yesterday, I was looking at it from the perspective of a former student. I would have loved to have the tools that Apple demoed back when I was in school.

However, it is not the students that determine if a product is going to be successful in the education market. To get a perspective of how the schools are going to look at their announcement, it is hard to find someone more knowledgeable than Bradley Chambers.

He was at the event and wrote about it for his new weekly column about Apple in Education at 9to5 Mac:

Education didn’t need a faster iPad. Education didn’t need Apple Pencil support. Those are great features for a consumer-friendly iPad, but education needed a clearer signal from Apple that they understand how school districts actually operate around the country and around the globe.

At the end of the day, students still have to pass standardized tests. They still have to meet all of their mandated requirements. I’m not sure an iPad with Apple Pencil support and some new GarageBand sound packs are really going to make that big of a difference as fun as they may be.

Streaks Workout 3.0.1 →

I wouldn’t normally link to a bug fix app release, but I am pretty excited about this one.

Streaks Workout is easily my favorite workout app on iOS/watchOS. The way it works is your tell it how long you have to workout (either 6, 12, 18, or 30 minutes) and it will give you a workout consisting of 6 random exercises that you can do at home with no equipment. This app has been a huge part of me hitting 100 straight days of working out.

It is the only workout app I have found that lets me manage my whole workout entirely from the Apple Watch: I can start the workout on the watch, it tells me what exercises to do on the watch, and then it records to HealthKit from the watch. The only thing I have ever done on the iPhone version is pick what exercises it is allowed to pick from for my workouts.

Even though it was my favorite, I had quit using it because it was not doing a great job of reporting my calories burned to HealthKit. For example, the recorded workout from the app would say I burned 300 calories, but it would only add 200 or so to HealthKit. This was annoying when I was trying to hit my daily Move goal, so recently I had just been using the standard Apple Watch Workout app.

Yesterday’s update appears to fix that issue. I did a workout with it last night and this morning and all the data was added to my Move ring just like it was supposed to. I will still use the built-in app in certain scenarios, but Streaks Workout is back to being my primary app for my daily workouts.

You can pick it up on the App Store.

I have a hard time seeing AR in education being nearly as big as Apple is trying to make it out to be. Seems like they are just trying to show off something that Chromebooks can’t do.

Made it to the hotel. Both kids cooperated, so the day of travel wasn’t too bad. We got a ton of symphony stares though.

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