This Is Not Going to Go the Way You Think →

I caught two showings of The Last Jedi last week. I left both of them thinking that it could be my new favorite Star Wars movie. Long term, it will be difficult to beat the nostalgia that comes with Return of the Jedi. But it has a chance.

There are minor The Last Jedi spoilers ahead. You have been warned.

I understand why some people do not like it. I can see the things that they have problems with, but they do not bother me a bit.

I was good with Luke being bitter and regretful. I was good with the casino heist. I was good with fuel-starved stalemate. And the porgs.

Jacob Halls’s review for Slashfilm encapsulates my feelings of the movie perfectly:

But with Star Wars: The Last Jedi, director Rian Johnson wants to burn Star Wars to the ground. Not because he harbors ill will toward it, but because he loves it. He loves it so much that he wants to cleanse the garden and allow something fresh and new to grow. The Last Jedi is not concerned about what you, the moviegoer and fan, thinks about Star Wars. It wants to challenge you and make you question what Star Wars is and what it can be.

The Last Jedi brings shades of gray to the big screen like no other Star Wars movie has yet1. I think that this added complexity will make this movie get better over time: it will get better after re-watching and could get better after seeing what follows it in Episode IX.

And with all that, I think I am ready for take three.

  1. This is not the first Star Wars story to do this: Rogue One touched on it with Cassian, and the book Dark Disciple completely focused on it.