Workshelf 1.1

Workshelf 1.1 is now available on the App Store. Really, this is what v1.0 should have been. In my hurry to get the app on the store on the launch day of iOS 11, I did not iterate enough.

To put it simply, the app’s UI and icon were not very good at launch. They are now.

Now that I have a solid base to work from, I am going to switch gears to working on new features. I have some cool things coming in the next couple of months.

Here are the release notes for 1.1:

– New app theme and icon! Sorry about that blue. Those responsible have been sacked.
– Added sorting for the shelf list and for the shelf items. You can sort manually (original behavior), by date, file size, title, or number of items.
– Shelf items can be renamed from the detail page.
– You can now open URLs from the detail page.
– You can import items from the Files app.
– The shelf detail page shows the item’s date and file size (hint: tap on the date to toggle between creation and modification date).
– The Shelf list now shows how many items are in each Shelf.

– Moved the ‘New Shelf’ button to the bottom of the list so so adding a new shelf is quicker (and more discoverable).
– The ‘Drag to Delete’ drag area is only visible while dragging items from the app.
– The Shelf view is displayed in full screen in more situations (instead of being displayed side by side with the list).
– Shelf items have a more consistent look, size, and spacing.
– Empty shelves look a little less lonely (they have a label stating they are empty).
– Deleting the last shelf now creates a new empty one.

– Fixed the text for expired items in the Store view.
– Fixed a crash when trying to save a photo to the Photos library from the share sheet.
– Files dragged out of the “Available Data Types” section of the shelf detail page will now have the correct title.
– Added a loading indicator for the Store view when it is retrieving the product list.

– Removed the “Getting Started” shelf creation from startup.
– Added diagnostic text to the support email.
– Added App Reviews requests.
– Added support for making In App Purchases from the App Store.