Disneyland for Ish’s Family

My friend Ish’s wife was recently diagnosed with cancer. Some great people set up a GoFundMe to send them and their three kids to Disneyland. They had already surpassed the original $2000 goal needed to send them on the trip by the time I even saw the fund. All of the money past what is needed for the Disney trip is going to be used to support the family as his wife goes through her treatment.

I donated to help them tonight. You should too.

In addition to donating, other ways to support him is to buy a copy of his iMessage sticker app Stamp Pack (or its companion iOS app). It is one of my favorite sticker packs.

Apple Death Star Wallpaper

I felt the itch to get a new Desktop background on my Mac, so I was looking around the default images that come in macOS and saw the really nice image of the Earth and Moon from space.

Star Wars was on my mind, so I was thinking how cool that picture would look with the Death Star instead of the moon. Five minutes later, Stdrovia delivered.

Full resolution versions are available for download below. The iOS versions should look good in the still or perspective mode1.

Download Links: Mac, iPhone, iPad.


  1. The iOS versions are way bigger than they have to be. This serves two purposes: it works better for perspective mode and future-proofs them a bit. 

StickerBook 1.0.2

StickerBook 1.0.2 is out on the App Store today.

New Features

  • You can now add Stickers from the system clipboard (copy and paste).
  • You can now rotate the image on the Add Sticker page.


  • You have more control when placing the image inside a Sticker on the Add Sticker page.
  • The Add Sticker page now has a reset button to reposition the image back to its initial placement.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where the wrong sticker could be deleted when deleting multiple stickers in a row (sorry about that!).
  • The StickerBook Action Extension now only shows up in the Action Sheet of others apps when an image is available.
  • The StickerBook Action Extension cancel button is always visible.

Tiny Wings

If you hang around my corner of the internet, there is no doubt that you have already seen the news that Tiny Wings was updated for the first time in over two years today. As Tiny Wings is my second favorite iOS game of all time1, I could not let this update pass by without mentioning it.

The update added support for the larger resolution of the 4.7″ and 5.5″ iPhones and added some new levels.

However, the big thing that the developer Andreas Illiger released was an Apple TV version. The game looks beautiful at 65″. The simple controls are perfect for the Apple TV remote2.

All three version of the game (iPhone, iPad, & Apple TV) stay in sync using iCloud, so you can jump back and forth from device to device and pick up where you left off.

It is available on the App Store now (iPhone, iPad, & Apple TV3). Just try to not waste as many hours playing it as I have.

  1. Carcassonne holds the top spot for me. The comparison is not completely fair since Carcassonne is a board game, but it is what it is. If the list only consisted of iOS originals, then Tiny Wings would easily be #1. 
  2. Curiously, the game was listed as requiring an external game controller for me (i.e. not the Apple TV remote), but the remote worked fine. 
  3. Linking to Apple TV apps still is horrible. Just search for it on the Apple TV App Store.