Sho Baraka has been one of my favorite musicians since my early college years. He has an amazing ability mix in social and racial issues from our current society together with the teachings of Jesus and then present them a lyrically inspirited fashion. Listing to his music always challenges and inspires me.

His 2013 album Talented 10th (Apple Music, iTunes) is one of the best hip hop albums I have ever listened to1. I have been listening to his back a lot recently catalog recently and it had me thinking that it was about time to get some new music from him.

Late last week, Sho broke his musical silence. Shortly after announcing that he signed on with a new record label, we got a music video for a new song named Fatherhood.

Fatherhood is a letter to two children (a boy and a girl) from a father (presumably him and his kids). Sho provided a great example of what Godly fatherhood looks like in today’s world. Since today is my first day being able to celebrate Father’s Day as a dad, his message is timely for me. The example laid out in the song is one I hope to follow.

  1. Seriously. Go listen to it.