What Would Jesus Do? →

Brian McLaren for the Huffington Post:

As a Christian, I’ve certainly seen it and felt it in the Christian community, expressed often in a sense that the more you love Jesus, the more inhospitable you’ll be toward other faiths. “Don’t let them build mosques or temples on our turf,” some say. “Don’t let them express their difference in dress or ritual,” others suggest. “Require them to conform to our holidays and cultural codes” others demand.

The best example to look toward on how Christians are supposed to interact with people of other religious beliefs is Christ himself. While Christians today vilify and discriminate people, Jesus loved and ultimately died for these people. While he was hanging on the cross, he even forgave the people who put him there.

The type of thinking that makes Christians hate people who do not know Jesus was not taught by Christ.

Gravity by Lecrae →

Owen Strachan writing for The Gospel Coalition:

These brief remarks aside, Gravity accomplishes what it sets out to do. It’s a superbly crafted album that will appeal to Christians because of its content and to non-Christians because of its quality (and, I’m sure, vice versa). With many others, I’m stunned to see how far Christian hip-hop has come and how much God is blessing it in our day. From the forgotten child to the heir of evangelical musical influence in the broader culture—such is Christian hip-hop’s journey these last few decades.

Owen’s review of Lecrae’s new album is pretty spot on. I definitely agree about it being the most important Christian rap album of all time.

I bought Gravity on release night and have had it on repeat ever since. If you pick it up, go for the deluxe version. It comes with two songs that are some of my favorites on the album. It also includes No Regrets, which was my favorite song on his last mix-tape Church Clothes.

However, the best songs are Tell The World and Lucky Ones.