Fully Devoted →

“Who would be committed to going and seeing God’s people set free from bondage?”
[followed by a huge cheer]

“Who would give up everything to go right into the darkness and bring these victims out into the light?!”
[an even bigger cheer and applause]

“Who will answer the call to be the hands and feet of Jesus to the marginalized!?!”
[standing ovation; he’s now speaking above the waves of claps]

“Who will give up the next one whole year to go and be a part of God’s movement in Cambodia to put an end to sex trafficking?!?!?”
[And by now, the audience had lost it. He had to wait for the applause to die. And he waited for a while.]

When it grew silent, he spoke very soberly: “I bet at least a hundred of you would get on the plane with me right this second and never think twice, never look back.”
[a murmur of laughter, and a few loud ‘woohoos’ throughout the arena]

Be sure to catch the end. It isn’t what you think.