WWDC and the 4-inch iPhone

There has been a lot of talk about the upcoming iPhone update that will include a larger four inch screen. Most also seem to agree that we will not be seeing this new iPhone next week at WWDC.

Since we will be seeing a preview of iOS 6, there has been a lot of talk that Apple will introduce some sort of resolution independence feature in iOS 6 without actually confirming a larger screen on the new phone. This would allow for developers to get their apps ready for the new screen size without directly playing their hand.

I think that there is no way Apple will even hint at resolution independence when discussing iOS 6. Even though there is an NDA over everything covered at WWDC, the internet will talk. If Apple talked about resolution independence to developers, they would be tipping their hand to a larger screen on the next iPhone; and they know this.

Apple will make no mention of a new resolution at WWDC next week. They will give out iOS 6 for developers to get ready for that. If a new iPhone with a larger screen is released this fall, then us developers will then be giving the opportunity to prepare our apps for the larger screen.