Responce to App Store Reviews →

Instead of a user getting a blank text field to fill in willy-nilly, Apple could stage the review process. They could query the user up front to see if it’s actually a review they want to leave, or if there’s some other reason they’re there. A few pertinent questions and flow options, and Apple could remove a huge amount of “not review” content from the App Store.

Report a bug. Request a feature. Get help. Get a refund. Post review.

Based on the response, users could get properly routed to better tools for handling their specific needs, including actually posting a review.

I have wanted Apple to implement a way for developers to respond to reviews on the App Store. Others have pointed out that this would just lead to a flame war, which is definitely possible. I have always thought a better way would be for developers to be able to respond privately, but Rene Ritchie of iMore has come up with a much better solution.

I will be filing a bug report to Apple with a link to his post tonight. You should too.