Storm Spotter 3.1

Storm Spotter 3.1 has been approved by Apple and will appearing in your update queue in the App Store soon.

The biggest feature of the update is support for dual-polarimetric radar products. These products are only available on radars that have been upgraded to support dual polarization. These products could be useful on a day like today, where there is a moderate risk in a area surrounded by dual-pol radars (eastern Kansas). Here is a good guide by the National Weather Service on how to use the new products.

Here are the rest of the changed from 3.1

  • Small improvements to the radar color tables.
  • Data button only turns red if there is an active warning within 100 miles of your current location. Before it would turn red if there were any active warnings in the entire country (iPhone only).
  • Improved the behavior of the location button.
  • Text shadows a bit more subtile.
  • Map popover view is larger and the text is bigger (iPhone only)
  • Removed a couple more unnecessary settings.
  • Reinforced black outline on the warning polygons to make them stand out more over the radar image (especially helps if the radar image is a similar color to the warning).
  • Launches slightly faster.

The release schedule is going to slow down a little bit compared to the last couple of weeks, but there are still a few features that will be coming soon. The most notable of these coming features will be support for AllisonHouse data from within the app.