Storm Spotter 3

Storm Spotter 3 was released today. This is the biggest update that I have ever shipped for the app. The two biggest features are high-resolution Level 3 data and much better support for warnings.

Also check out this review by Jeremy Gibbs, who has been beta testing it for the last few weeks. Below, check out the full change log for the update.

It is available right now on the App Store for only $6.99.

Change Log

  • Support for Retina display on the new iPad.

Radar Data

  • Switched to Level 3 data for the radar images. It is higher resolution faster to download. Storm Spotter is the only app to combine Level 3 data and Google Maps.
  • Moved from having 21 levels of data to 256.
  • Reflectivity and velocity data now provide four tilts of data instead of just the lowest tilt.
  • Added new radar in Langley Hill, Washington (KLGX).


  • Better warning server provided by AllisonHouse. It is faster and more reliable.
  • Warning polygons now have a black outline around them to make them stand out more on a map.
  • Warning polygons no longer disappear from the map when panning and zooming.
  • Warning polygons now have a button on them that allows the you to bring up the text directly from the map.

Main Interface

  • Simplified main UI. All the buttons are at the bottom for easy access.
  • Map is bigger on the screen (especially evident on the iPhone version).
  • Data button turns red on the iPhone to indicate if there are any active warnings.
  • The radar list is presented in a gird instead of a long list. Makes jumping between products much faster.
  • Simplified the settings. Removed a bunch of unused options.
  • Full screen is now accessed by tapping and holding on the screen.

Data List

  • The labels on the main data list are colored to make the active warnings stand out more.
  • The radar list looks better and the favorites list is more intuitive.
  • Warnings are no longer listed by state. They are listed by either time, distance from radar, or distance from user.
  • The warning list also shows more information about the warnings.


  • Faster updates. And fixed the bug where the radar would stop updating at times.
  • Requires iOS 5.0

Coming Soon

  • Full AllisonHouse integration.
  • Dual-Pol Radar Products