Project 365

Hunny Bunny Biscuit Co. (49/365)

Must be a surprising dream. (48/365)

When you lose your Apple Pencil cap… (47/365)

YETI. (46/365)

Date night. (45/365)

Looks like it is time to say goodbye to the Bronco. The transmission went out this morning. Time to get something a little more suitable for the family. The Bronco will go into storage until I can scrape enough money together to get it working as a fun secondary truck. (44/365)

HomePod. (43/365)

Brotherly cuddles. Can you tell which one was faking sleep? (42/365)

The Groom. (41/365)

Contemplative. (40/365)

Pour over. (39/365)

Potty training materials. (38/365)

I am cheating today and using this one that Carissa just sent me. Little man holding his head up! (37/365)

LEGO. (36/365)

Lore. (35/365)

Chebache. (34/365)

New rope. (33/365)

Back at work for the first time since Caleb was born. I’m pretty thankful to work somewhere that let me take three weeks off after he was born. (32/365)

Cuddles with Daddy after his first bath. (31/365)

Slowly turning my office into a viable workout room. First step was a rubber mat. (30/365)

New house decorations. (29/365)

It was great to be back in church today. (28/365)

Show Up Every Day. (27/365)

Ollie made some fish tacos tonight.

I’ll see myself out. (26/365)

Little fingers. (25/365)

Photoshoot. (24/365)

Big brother is a big helper. (23/365)

Coasters. (22/365)

I was saving this one for a special occasion – I think that successfully getting through our first full day as a family of four qualifies. (21/365)

Caleb Mitchell Kimes • 1/11/18 • 7lbs 14oz • 20.5” He took the long way home, but he made it. (20/365)

My boys. (19/365)

Gifts from my sister’s Iraqi tour. (18/365)

Such a good Momma. Giving Caleb his first bottle. (17/365)

Hard to beat a celebratory lunch date to Midway on a cold day. (16/365)

Under the lights. (15/365)

We are back home today and Ollie could not be happier about it. It was bittersweet for Carissa and I because we are still anxious for our newest member to get to come home with us. (14/365)

Mama got to hold Caleb for about 30 minutes tonight. First time she has been able to hold him since right after he was born. 😍 (13/365)

Little man isn’t do as well today, but he is doing well enough to wake up and say hi to Mommy and Daddy. (12/365)

The NICU is not where we had hoped to end up today, but Caleb is already starting to breathe a little better. We are hopeful he can get out of there in a day or two. (11/365)

New Self. (10/365)

Jay Jay hooked me up with a gift at the baby shower last weekend. (9/365)

Can you tell that Ollie had company tonight? (8/365)

Couch cuddles. (7/365)

He wanted to me to play Battlefront (or as he calls is, Space Ships), so he grabbed my controller (upside-down of course) and got it all ready for me. (6/365)

Cool fresh shows. (5/365)

Helping Daddy make coffee. (4/365)

It appears that a tornado has gone through Ollie’s train yard. (3/365)

Last egg nog of the season. (2/365)

Distracting myself from the OU loss by sketching out some design ideas for my site that I want to try out. (1/365)