One of the best benefits of working from home on a snow day is having Ollie come into my office and tell me “I went potty in the potty and now I can have gummy bears”.

Snow day. (52/365)

Toys. (51/365)

Amazon Prime has every episode of  Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood! I know what Ollie is going to start watching tomorrow!

Furrbrother cuddles. (50/365)

Hunny Bunny Biscuit Co. (49/365)

Must be a surprising dream. (48/365)

When you lose your Apple Pencil cap… (47/365)

Carissa and I are starting The Good Place tonight. I feel like there is no way it can live up to the high expectations that everyone on the internet has set for it.

YETI. (46/365)

Date night. (45/365)

Today is a good day to listen to the canonical Valentine’s Day song.

I spend about 90% of my time developing for the Apple Watch just waiting for the app to transfer to the device. Half the time I forgot what I was testing by the time it gets there.

Looks like it is time to say goodbye to the Bronco. The transmission went out this morning. Time to get something a little more suitable for the family. The Bronco will go into storage until I can scrape enough money together to get it working as a fun secondary truck. (44/365)

HomePod. (43/365)

Brotherly cuddles. Can you tell which one was faking sleep? (42/365)

The Groom. (41/365)

Contemplative. (40/365)

I finished reading Deep Work by Cal Newport today. I have been meaning to read it for awhile now. It was not an easy read (and implementing its ideas will be even harder), but I loved it.

The Handmaid’s Tale is next (I want to read the book before I watch the show).


I have been fighting with my tools all day. So far, the tools have a significant lead.

30 minutes to go. Don’t let me down, Sam. 🏀

Best case for OKC now is that Cleveland is awesome after all these trades. Keep LeBron there so he won’t go to LA and take PG with him. 🏀

Looks like the Lakers are clearing cap space to make room to try to make a run at PG and LeBron this summer. Weird that it was Cleveland that helped them do it. 🏀

I need 2:00 to hurry up and get here so I can stop compulsively checking if the Thunder made a move before the trade deadline.

With Apple seemingly backing off their recent Emoji crackdown, I’m considering re-submitting my EmojiBook sticker app that I wrote over a weekend last summer just to see what happens.

Since it would almost surely still be rejected, it probably isn’t worth the effort.

Pour over. (39/365)

Potty training materials. (38/365)

Gabe Weatherhead could not have been more right about the 10 steps to take before buying a new Mac. It sure looks like someone just bought an iMac Pro.

I am cheating today and using this one that Carissa just sent me. Little man holding his head up! (37/365)

LEGO. (36/365)

Lore. (35/365)

Note to self: don’t tickle a toddler who is potty training and wearing normal underwear. Especially when he is on top of you.

I could not decide which team I wanted to lose the Super Bowl more, but I ended up deciding on the Patriots.

Go Eagles!

Chebache. (34/365)

New rope. (33/365)

Back at work for the first time since Caleb was born. I’m pretty thankful to work somewhere that let me take three weeks off after he was born. (32/365)

Cuddles with Daddy after his first bath. (31/365)

Slowly turning my office into a viable workout room. First step was a rubber mat. (30/365)

New house decorations. (29/365)

It was great to be back in church today. (28/365)

Show Up Every Day. (27/365)

I finally finished watching Deep Space Nine tonight. It was easily my favorite Star Trek series yet. Just two more seasons of Voyager, four of Enterprise, and one movie and I will be done with the whole series.

Ollie made some fish tacos tonight.

I’ll see myself out. (26/365)

I must be getting old.

I just opened my Mac to do some coding on Reposit and decided that I did not want to use any of the shiny new betas that came out yesterday.

Little fingers. (25/365)

Photoshoot. (24/365)

Big brother is a big helper. (23/365)

Coasters. (22/365)

I was saving this one for a special occasion – I think that successfully getting through our first full day as a family of four qualifies. (21/365)

Caleb Mitchell Kimes • 1/11/18 • 7lbs 14oz • 20.5” He took the long way home, but he made it. (20/365)

My boys. (19/365)

Gifts from my sister’s Iraqi tour. (18/365)

Caleb was moved to a normal crib and they have him off of everything except antibiotics (those stop tomorrow).

Carissa and I will stay overnight with him in the hospital tomorrow night and then he will get to come home Saturday afternoon.

Caleb made more good progress today.

  • He is being fed with just a bottle now (instead of a tube). If he continues to do well with the bottle, they will take his feeding tube off tomorrow.
  • His jaundice levels are way down. If they go down just a little more tonight, they will take him off phototherapy tomorrow morning.
  • His breathing and oxygen levels are still good.
  • All of the precautionary tests they ran game back negative. He has one more tonight, but there is not indication that we should be worried about it.
  • They will take him off antibiotics on Friday.

If everything stays good and he keeps eating well, he could come home as soon as Friday or Saturday.

Such a good Momma. Giving Caleb his first bottle. (17/365)

When your brother is sick and it keeps you from seeing Mommy and Daddy, sometimes you get to bend the rules and lie down in the coffee table at 10:30 🤷‍♂️

Hard to beat a celebratory lunch date to Midway on a cold day. (16/365)

Big news! Caleb’s doctor just took him off of the oxygen! He is breathing room air now.

Assuming his breathing continues as it should, all that is left is getting his jaundice levels down and easing him into eating more food.

I hope this means that we are on the home stretch.

Caleb is only making small progressions, but he is progressing.

His respiratory rate is still spiking sometime, but his breathing is doing much better. I can tell just by looking at him that breathing is coming easier to him. His entire body was shaking with every breath before, but he looks pretty much normal most of the time now.

THEY have lowered his oxygen more to 35%. The lowest it can go to is 21%, so we are getting close.

We are still waiting on the results of a couple more tests, but we should have them soon.

Under the lights. (15/365)

We are back home today and Ollie could not be happier about it. It was bittersweet for Carissa and I because we are still anxious for our newest member to get to come home with us. (14/365)

Mama got to hold Caleb for about 30 minutes tonight. First time she has been able to hold him since right after he was born. 😍 (13/365)

Little man isn’t do as well today, but he is doing well enough to wake up and say hi to Mommy and Daddy. (12/365)

The NICU is not where we had hoped to end up today, but Caleb is already starting to breathe a little better. We are hopeful he can get out of there in a day or two. (11/365)

In a slightly unexpected turn of events, we are going to have a baby today! 😁

New Self. (10/365)

Jay Jay hooked me up with a gift at the baby shower last weekend. (9/365)

Can you tell that Ollie had company tonight? (8/365)

We are making RadarScope for Windows 10.

It’s like giving a glass of ice water to somebody in hell.

In all seriousness, I think this is the best looking version of RadarScope yet.

I really enjoyed the latest episode of Star Trek: Discovery. It is starting to feel more like real Star Trek, but with a little more edge to it.

Plus it has the best intro of any show I have ever seen. The French horn playing the opening notes to the original series theme gives me goosebumps in the same way the opening to a Star Wars movie does.

Couch cuddles. (7/365)

He wanted to me to play Battlefront (or as he calls is, Space Ships), so he grabbed my controller (upside-down of course) and got it all ready for me. (6/365)

Ollie “helped” me with my workout by climbing on top of my shoulders when it was time for pushups.

On the plus side, I know how Luke felt when he had to carry Yoda around everywhere on Dagobah.

Cool fresh shows. (5/365)

Just pitched Carissa on the idea of saving to buy the next iMac Pro. She didn’t say no. Even if I had the money ready to go, I’m not sure I would actually buy it. I could change my mind and go with a non-Pro iMac and have a few thousand leftover.

Regardless, I am excited.

I finished up some design changes to my site last night. My goal was to make shorter posts like this fit in more naturally with the regular and linked posts.

Now that I have my site at a place I am happy with, I can switch my focus to getting some work on Reposit done.

Cool view of the “bomb cyclone” transitioning from rain to snow in RadarScope.

Helping Daddy make coffee. (4/365)

It appears that a tornado has gone through Ollie’s train yard. (3/365)

I finally read Dan Moren’s debut novel The Caledonian Gambit. Without giving anything away, it is a science fiction book that takes place a few hundred years in the future after humanity has spread to a few solar systems that are connected via wormholes.

I highly recommend it and hope to see a sequel soon.

Siri is trolling me hard tonight. No matter what song I ask for, she just plays Crank That by Soulja Boy. I would prefer Rickrolling to this.

Last egg nog of the season. (2/365)

Distracting myself from the OU loss by sketching out some design ideas for my site that I want to try out. (1/365)

Little man making New Years cookies!

I am a pretty big Siri defender, but this is inexcusable.

I just finished  The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel on Amazon Prime. It was the best season of a show I have seen in a long time – maybe ever.

They are nothing alike, but I thought a lot of Better Call Saul while watching it. Both of them have a confidence about them that others don’t.

I’m working on a utility app that allows one tap publishing of Markdown or TextBundle files to Jekyll blogs hosted on Github Pages from iOS. I can’t think of a name for it that isn’t horrible or taken.

Any ideas?

Winning name gets a free lifetime subscription for Workshelf 😃

I am starting to get a little nervous about all this talk of Baker Mayfield being sick. It would really suck to get this far and lose because our best player wasn’t 100%.

We still have a few days before the game, so I really hope he gets better. Luckily, he did practice today.

Watching Thunder basketball has been a lot more fun recently. I’m going to go out on a limb and say that this team ends up being the 3rd team in the West. 4 games behind San Antonio is achievable.

I’m taking Carissa to see The Last Jedi tonight. It will be my first viewing since opening weekend. I’m excited about seeing it again now that it has settled in my mind a bit.