The Sweet Setup on Things 3

Chris Bowler, writing for The Sweet Setup, picked Things 3 by Cultured Code (iPhone/Apple Watch | iPad | Mac) as the best GTD app. I have been using it since the beta and I couldn’t agree with their pick more. I would go as far as saying that is the best designed app that I use.

My only complaint is that they didn’t use version 3 (which was a paid upgrade) as an opportunity to combine the iPhone and iPad versions. But, while charging separate for the iPhone and the iPad seems a little off in 2018, I won’t complain too much about developers doing whatever they need to to stay afloat in the App Store. However, I would have probably preferred for them to go the same route as Ulysses and offer a subscription that enabled the app across all platforms.

If you want to learn more about how to squeeze as much power from Things as you can, Shawn Blanc is releasing a video course for Things on The Sweet Setup next month.

Photoshoot. (24/365)

No Cutting Corners on the iPhone X

This study of the curved corners of the iPhone X is great.

When I use the older iPhones, the thing that jumps out to me as being outdated or wrong is not the big bezels, it is the squared corners. I even get that feeling looking at my iPad Pro.

Brad Ellis really gets into what it is about those curved corners that makes the old square ones look so off.

Big brother is a big helper. (23/365)

Coasters. (22/365)

I was saving this one for a special occasion – I think that successfully getting through our first full day as a family of four qualifies. (21/365)

Caleb Mitchell Kimes • 1/11/18 • 7lbs 14oz • 20.5” He took the long way home, but he made it. (20/365)

My boys. (19/365)

Gifts from my sister’s Iraqi tour. (18/365)

Caleb was moved to a normal crib and they have him off of everything except antibiotics (those stop tomorrow).

Carissa and I will stay overnight with him in the hospital tomorrow night and then he will get to come home Saturday afternoon.

Caleb made more good progress today.

  • He is being fed with just a bottle now (instead of a tube). If he continues to do well with the bottle, they will take his feeding tube off tomorrow.
  • His jaundice levels are way down. If they go down just a little more tonight, they will take him off phototherapy tomorrow morning.
  • His breathing and oxygen levels are still good.
  • All of the precautionary tests they ran game back negative. He has one more tonight, but there is not indication that we should be worried about it.
  • They will take him off antibiotics on Friday.

If everything stays good and he keeps eating well, he could come home as soon as Friday or Saturday.

Such a good Momma. Giving Caleb his first bottle. (17/365)

When your brother is sick and it keeps you from seeing Mommy and Daddy, sometimes you get to bend the rules and lie down in the coffee table at 10:30 🤷‍♂️

Hard to beat a celebratory lunch date to Midway on a cold day. (16/365)

Big news! Caleb’s doctor just took him off of the oxygen! He is breathing room air now.

Assuming his breathing continues as it should, all that is left is getting his jaundice levels down and easing him into eating more food.

I hope this means that we are on the home stretch.